Social Media Video Short from Photos

This video was mixed from 9 still image photos. (Note: This must be created in video editing software)

1: think about your time, shorter is better, like here - 9 views 3 seconds each

2: format for square, but bring in your photos as shot

3: add a zoom or pan effect to create the animation

4: drop in titles, branding, and contact info

5: make a good looking exit slide

add a licensed music track if you want, not really necessary

These are so fast and easy we have added them as a feature on our Standard PLUS pack. Further we will work with you to design a standard layout custom to your office and/or agents.

Here are a couple



Perfect Combo - $300

Standard PLUS - $200

30 shot HDR photos

6 shot HDR aerial photos

36 second social media video

30 shot HDR photos

6 shot HDR aerial photos

floor plan

4 minute walk-thru video

50 second social media video

Email Feb 21-56.jpg
Email Feb 21-35.jpg
Email Feb 21-40.jpg
Email Feb 21-5.jpg
Email Feb 21-10.jpg
Email Feb 21-14.jpg