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John Oberholzer

Founder, Principal

For me commercial photography is a return to first endeavors. As a young person I was challenged and inspired by an art teacher to work in the photographic medium.

I became fully immersed in the film disciplines. Beginning in black and white processes; concepts of shadow/highlight, composition, contrast, and others became foundational skills. My first tool sets predated automatic camera functions. Shutter and aperture, focus and film speed had to become muscle-memory.

I apprenticed with two photographers in metropolitan Detroit Michigan, Daniel Bartush and Robert Ziegelman. Later my own practice, Small Product Photography was launched. Located in the manufacturing belt of Detroit my worked centered on industrial business images for print. I mixed product, workplace, and staff photos.

The photography and equipment crossed film formats as demanded by the job. I shot with 4x5 Toyo sheet film cameras, Mamiya 645 medium format, and Nikon F-Body 35mm. In the beginning all film processing was done in house. Later everything was sent to a local commercial lab, Meteor Photo.

Education is composed of varied classes in high school and college. Photographic apprentice/assistant employment and later primary commercial photography provided principle working competencies. Development continues with formal and informal coursework at local colleges and web based education.


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