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20 SHOT (studio or workplace)

10 SHOT (department/team)

1 SHOT (full company group)



30 SHOT (min photo)

6 SHOT (min aerial)

Social Media Ad Video



20 SHOT (product/catalog)

or 10 SHOT (services/action)

10 SHOT (production area)

Social Media Ad Video


Full Set

20 SHOT (employees)

10 SHOT (department/team)

1 SHOT (full company group)

30 SHOT (building int. and ext.)

6 SHOT (building aerial)

20 SHOT (product/catalog)

or 10 SHOT (services/action)

10 SHOT (production area)

 2 Social Media Ad Videos


Photo Production Includes:

best-practice latest tech image capture
fast open image files (web, social media, company systems)
high resolution image files (print, presentation, marketing systems)
post production correction/enhancement
3:2 35mm standard, 16:9 widescreen, and 1:1 square crop dimensions
client advertising partner collaboration
UAS (drone) aerial photography

Custom Mix

Your business is unique.

Packaged shot lists may not fit your people, location, and operations.

We are anxious to hear what you can use most and tailor the photo-video-aerial content to match.

Call, text, or email to talk about what you want.



3 to 4 minute run time

16x9 and square frame

people, building, product

branding and info titles

client presents (on request)



run time (content dependent)

16x9 frame

branding and info titles

pro grade video & audio
gimbal tripod drone footage



60 second run time

16x9 and square frame

branding, titles, graphics

broadcast quality

collaborative script prep


Video Services Include:

UHD and/or 4K recording resolution (delivered in H.264 MP4 format)
business/organization branding & information titles

professional and trending title design
clean, bright, engaging editing production
tasteful content-appropriate music track
broadcast quality voice recording
UAS (drone) aerial video

Custom Mix

'Package-Pricing' sets a budget number for service.

Your project may require less time than average. Our process begins with a collaborative plan. Objectives of the video deliverable and expense are defined at the start.


Standard Set

15 shot (min photo)


Standard Plus

15 shot (min photo)

3 video clips

16x9 and square frame

2 minute branded video


Premium Pack

20 shot (min photo)

5 video clips

16x9 and square frame

4 minute branded video


Aerial Services Include:

20mp high resolution photos

UHD and/or 4K resolution video

FAA licensed aircraft and operator

2mm dollar person and property liability insured operations

agent and office branding and information titles

broadcast quality audio/video post production

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