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Social Media Video Shorts from Photos-Only Packages!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

This video was mixed from 9 still image photos. (Note: This must be created in video editing software)

1: think about your time, shorter is better, like here - 9 views 3 seconds each

2: format for square, but bring in your photos as shot

3: add a zoom or pan effect to create the animation

4: drop in titles, branding, and contact info

5: make a good looking exit slide

add a licensed music track if you want, not really necessary

Instagram will automatically play up to 60 seconds without making viewers click over to Instagram TV (IGTV). Content that runs for 30 seconds or less will almost always be watched all the way through. Most of the time these still image edits look better than a video clip.

These are so fast and easy we have added them as a feature on our Standard PLUS pack. Further we will work with you to design a standard layout custom to your office and/or agents.

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